Facial motion capture

Made by Blue Faces is tool for animators to enhance your animation pipeline. The main focus is to record and review facial animations with iPhone with True Depth sensor. Works well with Xsens Motion Capture suits!

Main Features


Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find. So we created our app to produce quick facial animations.

Record and play

Tested on our in-house projects, record and play anytime. Supports audio and video to review and choose the right take.

Export as FBX

Many rigs, diffrent aproaches. Over the years we learnt that perfect rig simply does not exist. Retarget as you wish.

Who made it?

VFX Company - Blue Faces

Blue Faces is a VFX company. For almost a decade, we have been building rapport with VFX producers and supervisors around the globe. The Mill, Stopp and MovieBrats are just a few of the top VFX houses to rely on Blue Faces.

We have proved our skills in compositing, matte painting, matchmoving and rotoscoping in 1,000s of shots, more than 25 feature films (some of them Oscar nominees) and 100s of commercials (BWM, Nike, Orange, etc.)

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How does it work?

Download Motion studio

First you need to download PC application of Motion Studio.

Download iPMA

Install Motion app from Apple store and connect to same network as Motion Studio.

Same Network

Dont forget, your PC and iPhone have to be on the same network!

Connect XSENS Suit

It will work with Xsens motion capture suit.

Record and review

Record face and body animation. Review with video and audio in Motion Studio.

Use the data as you wish

FBX export gives you oportunity to use it in every possible DCC application.




  • Live connect to iPMA
  • Preview of provided samples
Download Now

$29 / year


  • All the BASIC features
  • + Record and play animations
  • + Export to FBX

$290 / year


  • All the PLUS features
  • + Import audio preview
  • + Import video preview
  • + Import custom character

Have some questions?

Wacth tutorial video of how to setup iPMA and Motion Studio.